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Summer Academy

Welcome, We are happy you're here! 


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Contact Information 

Crystal Rich 

Director of Alternative Education

House 3 Assistant Principal

Laurie MacInnis

Administrative Assistant

603-432-6941 X 2128



LIFT Program Teachers:


Summer Academy Teachers:

English A

English B

Algebra I and Algebra II-


World History

US History


Physical Science

Portfolio Writing

Distant Learning Coordinator/ Online Class Monitor

Summer Academy and Lift Program Information

2024 Dates and Attendance:

  1. June 24th- July 24th

  2. Vacation Dates: July 3rd, 4th and 5th

  3. Attendance is mandatory in our program. The timeline is short with built in days for vacation therefore it is the expectation that students are in attendance for all scheduled sessions.


Bus, Dropoff and Pickup Information:

  1. Attached are the bus routes. We have one bus for the north side of town and one for the south side of town.

  2. The stops are within walking distance from the students’ houses.

  3. It is very important that the students are waiting, at least 5-10minutes, ahead of their pickup time at their spots.

  4. The bus drivers do not wait for students to come out of their houses.

  5. Students should be sure they are standing and visible at their stops as the bus approaches.

  6. Dropoff and Pickup will be at the main entrance of the building

  7. Classes begin at 8am therefore students should arrive by 7:55am. Our second session begins at 10am therefore students should be here no later than 9:55am

  8. If your student does not have a first session class or a second session class, they should not be in the building during these timeframes. We don’t have supervision and cannot guarantee their safety or whereabouts.


  1. Tuition is due ASAP

    1. Lift - $150

    2. Each Summer School Class- $150 for LHS Students, $250 for out of District Students

  2. Tuition can be paid in three ways:

    1. K12payment Center-

    2. Cash brought to House 3

    3. Check made out to LHS​


  1. We will have a few vending machines in the lobby but there is no guarantee they will be stocked regularly.

  2. Please send your students with snacks and water as the building gets warm come July.

  3. We also stock freeze pops in House 3 😉


Safety and Security:

  1. Our School Resource Officer, Mike Tufo, will be in the building for the duration of Summer Academy.

  2. Parents should wait out front of the building for students to exit for pickup.

  3. In Summer Academy, we have a no tolerance policy. If there are any infractions, a student will be removed from summer programming. If a suspension is warranted, it will be served at the beginning of the school year.


First Day:

  1. Please tell your students that we will meet them in the lobby on the first day. They will be taken to their classrooms by their teachers where we will go over the expectations for the summer.

  2. House 3 is their hub for information and questions:

    1. Rebecca Mitchell- Administrative Assistant 603-432-6941 X2128
    2. Crystal Rich- Assistant Principal. Director of Alt. Ed-


Online Courses:

  1. If your student is taking online classes through Odysseyware or with Portfolio Writing, login information will be sent out on Monday by our teachers.

  2. Website Login: 


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