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HiSet Program

HiSet Testing 

Site Location:                        House 3 

                                             295 Mammoth Road

                                             Londonderry High School

                                             Londonderry, New Hampshire


Contact Information:           Crystal Rich - HiSet Coordinator

                                             603-432-6941 X 2128


                                              Laurie MacInnis- Test Administrator

                                              603-432-6941 X 2128



Testing Dates:                   April 2024- Testing will resume at Londonderry High School


Testing Process:                All students under 18 must take and pass all five pre-tests 

                                            Pre-tests are schedule with Mrs.Rich

                                            Once all pre-tests are passed, Students register with 

                                            Tests will be scheduled with Mrs. MacInnis once the HiSet ID is received


Resources: HiSet Website- 


Test Information - 


HiSet Practice Tests- 


Content Specific Practice- 

Testing Accommodations-

Tests cost $25 per section or $125 for the full battery of tests. Students may take an official practice test of the full battery of sections for $20.

HiSet Exam​

  • The exam yields a High School Equivalency Certificate if all 5 core subject exams are passed.

  • The HiSet certificate allows for entry into community college, the military and trade schools.

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